About the Blog

I love movies. I love them not just because they are entertaining, but many have something to offer us. Maybe one movie offers a satirical commentary on the nature of war or the human condition, maybe another offers a positive message on the strength of undying love, and perhaps another is crap with no discernable reason for being timeless. There are many classic movies left for me to see, and I plan on sharing my cinematic experiences with you.

I have a relative definition of the term ‘classic.’ Traditionally, it is defined as a great movie released any time in the 70’s and before, but I would define a classic as any great movie that was and still is important for people to watch. For example, ‘Indiana Jones’ released in the 80s and ‘Goodfellas’ released in the 90s are examples of timeless films. Any movie released since 1995 I would consider a modern classic.

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